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About the MGF Register Holland

The MGF Register Holland is the official register for all MGF & MGTF owners worldwide, established in the year 1996. It does not matter if the owner is a member of one of the many MG clubs around the world or not.

MGFs & MGTFs in the Netherlands

Between 1996 and 2005 Rover Nederland BV, the Dutch importer for MG and Rover located at Sportlaan 1 in Vianen (Utrecht), imported 1.271 MGFs and 628 MGTFs to the Netherlands. Some of them, most right-hand drive cars went abroad shortly after delivery. The reason for this is that the list prices of cars in the Netherlands are relatively low compared with other European countries, but the taxes imposed on new cars are extremely high. It might save you money to buy a new car in the Netherlands while you are still living in another country, so that you can benefit from the lower list price but will not have to pay the high Dutch taxes.

Over the years dozens of original Dutch cars disappeared due to the harsh climate in Northern Europe. However large numbers of MGFs and MGTFs were imported from neighbouring country Germany. 44% (11.422 cars) of the total European MGF export, and 31% (3.534 cars) of the MGTF export was shipped from MG Rovers Longbridge car plant to Germany between 1995 and 2005.

Currently there are approximately 1.800 MGFs and 925 MGTFs in the Netherlands. Please see the 'register' button for detailed statistics.

Our scope & activities

The MGF Register Holland primarily records data on Dutch MGFs and MGTFs. Defined as cars that came here originally or were imported later. However to get a complete picture on the numbers of MGs still existing today we will register every MGF and MGTF we come across. Therefore you'll find also the more than 116.500 cars in our databases that have no relation to our country.

Our register records (production) data on cars, photos & factory pictures of MGFs and MGTFs. By means of this website we hope to share this information with owners and enthusiasts as best as possible.

Team MGF Register Holland