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MGF (Haynes Modern Sports Cars)
David A. Knowles

This volume is the first in the Haynes series on modern sports cars and should appeal to lifestyle customers as well as traditional MG enthusiasts. It covers the MG heritage through to the RV8, the evolution of the MGF, its launch in 1995, mainstream developments, competition performances, record breaking with the EX253 and EX255, the EX254 Super Sports concept car, and the future of the MGF. Customizing and tuning is also covered, plus information on performance and road tests.

ISBN - 1859606377

MGF and TF Restauration Manual
Roger Parker

This book provides the owner with a completed practical guide to mechanical and body restoration for these cars, to be used in conjunction with workshop manual. Roger is an acknowledged expert for the MGF & TF and works as a technical advisor for MGOC. Each book with be autographed by Roger before it is sent out.

ISBN - 1847974007

Everyday Modifications for your MGF and TF
Roger Parker

MG expert Roger Parker offers his advice on a range of modifications and changes that can be applied to the MGF and MG TF, which will enhance the practical daily use of the cars.
With important and specific safety information and advice throughout, the book also covers: body and interior changes; brake, suspension and steering upgrades; wheel and tyre options; powertrain upgrades; electrical system upgrade options and finally, setting up and specific maintenance aspects. Illustrated with over 450 images, this is a valuable technical resource for the MGF and TF owner.

ISBN - 1785004292

The Essential Buyer's Guide
Rob Hawkins

Having this book in your pocket is just like have a real marque expert by your side. Benefit from the author's years of MGF & TF ownership, learn how to spot a bad car quickly and how to assess a promising one like a professional. Get the right car at the right price!

ISBN - 1845844874

MGF and TF Performance Portfolio 1995 - 2005
R.M. Clarke

The last sports cars of the line, the MGF and MG TF, were superb small sports cars that proved to be very popular all over the world, although we should note that they were never homologated for sale in America. For the first time at MG the car had a modern specification and was no longer merely a collection of parts from lesser sedans from somewhere else in the company. From its introduction in 1995 with the 1.8i and 1.8i VVC engines performance was always spirited without being unruly 0-60 mph times were in the 8 second bracket and top speed was around 120 mph although the 1.8 160 was good for a sub-7 second time for the sprint and would run to 137-140 mph the MGF quickly became the top-selling sports car in Europe. Through to the close in June 2005 the MG TF remained the best-selling sports car in Europe proving that the allure of the badge was still as strong as ever. Covered are the 1.8i, 1.8i VVC, 1.6i, Steptronic, Cheetah, 135 & 160s. 128 pages with 32 pages in colour. This is a book of contemporary road tests, new model intros, driver's reports, racing, touring, buying guide & history. Over 200 illustrations.

ISBN - 1855207079

MGF and TF
David A. Knowles

In the wake of the demise of the MG Midget and MGB, there seemed little prospect for the MG badge beyond being used as a kind of 'GTi' badge for various Austins and Rovers. However, thanks to the determination of a few people - and an enduring affection in public hearts - the tale has had a happier ending. This is the story of that journey - from desolation to rebirth, just like the phoenix from which the project that created the MGF took its name.

ISBN - 1847972020

MGF Workshop Manual
MG Cars Ltd

This is a re-issue of the official factory manual and includes the following publications: MGF workshop Manual - RCL 0051ENG (8th edition), K Series Engine Overhaul Manual - RCL0057ENG (6th edition), PG1 Manual Gearbox Overhaul Manual - RCL 0124 (2nd Edition). Covers all components & tasks in great detail for both minor & major repairs. Engines covered: 1.6 MPi, 1.8 MPi, 1.8 VVC. 512 pages.

ISBN - 1855207168

MG TF Workshop Manual
MG Cars Ltd

This is a re-issue of the official factory manual and includes the following publications: MG TF Workshop Manual RCL 0493(2)ENG, K Series Engine Overhaul Manual RCL 0057ENG (6th edition), PG1 Manual Gearbox Overhaul Manual RCL 0124 (2nd edition) and MG TF Electrical Library including Circuit Diagrams RCL 0495(2)ENG. Covers all components and tasks in great detail for both minor and major repairs. Engines covered: K Series 1.6 MPi, 1.8 MPi, 1.8 VVC. A total of 516 fully illustrated pages.

ISBN - 1855207494

Ultimate Buyers' Guide
Philip Raby

This Ultimate Guide helps the buyer to identify and buy the MGF, which was manufactured between March 1995 and March 2002, and its successor the MG TF, in production still in 2004. This guide includes facts and figures, detail changes over the years, details of the special models and invaluable tips on the most desirable models and options. The buying section uses colour photography of the cars and many actual problem areas, and tells the buyer what to look for when viewing an example of either model.

ISBN - 0954557964

The Rover K-Series 16V Engine (1989-2005)
Des Hammill

The Rover K-Series 16 valve engine book by Des Hammill contains a history of the engines from the forming of the design team, its merits and downfalls together with the solutions to the most common failures described in simple and easy to understand terms together with a fully comprehensive guide to rebuilding failed engines.

ISBN - 1841556882